Vessel- and apparatus construction with following products:

Pressure vessels
  • Adsorbers
  • Feed water tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Agitator vessels
  • Steam drums
  • Champagne pressure tanks
Heat exchangers with plain tubes
  • Heat exchangers with fixed tube sheet
  • Heat exchangers with floating head
  • Heat exchangers with U-tube bundle
  • High-pressure preheater
  • (replacement-) bundles, shells, heads
  • Assembling of new tubes
  • Plate columns
  • Packed columns
Possible additional services
  • Pipes and halfpipes at apparatuses
  • Steel construction (for example: platforms, ladders, pipe supports and more)
  • Internals for columns (for example: trays, distributors, grids, perforated sheets, screens and more)
  • Assembling of column internals
  • Pipework
  • Inside coating (for example: thermal hardening coating, food-use approved plastic coating and more)
  • Outside coating
  • Fire protection coating (for example: Chartek)
  • Insulation
  • Diameter 5m
  • One-piece length 50m
  • Unit weight 80t
  • Wall thickness 70mm

In particular cases we check wether these dimensions can be extended.

Intended use of our products

buffer, compressed air reservoir, cyclone separator, drum, fermentation vessel, filter case, flash tank, gas tank, mixing vessel, molecular sieve adsorber, PSA-adsorber, PSAN-adsorber, pressure tank, receiver tank, separator, slop vessel, storage tank

condenser, cooler, damper register, evaporator, falling film evaporator, heater, preheater, reactor, reboiler, recuperator, vaporizer

destillation tower, extraction tower, flare gas tower, rectification tower, separating column, stripper column, washing tower