The following quick-closure are part of the Wolf product portfolio:



Segment Verschlüsse

Bajonett Closure
  • Dimensions: DN 400 – DN 4000
  • Design: vertical and horizontal
  • Material: Version only in Carbon Steel
  • Pressure: up to 500 bar depending on the flange diameter
  • Option: A hydraulic system for opening the cover
Clampring Closure
  • Dimensions: DN 150 – DN 600
  • Design: vertical and horizontal
  • Material: Carbon steel and Stainless steel
  • Pressure: up to 800 bar depending on the flange diameter
  • Option: Opening with a handwheel or a one hand lever
Segment Closure
  • Dimensions: DN 500 – DN 2000
  • Design: Only for vertical vessels
  • Material: Carbon steel and Stainless steel
  • Pressure: up to 800 bar depending on the flange diameter
  • Option: Opening with a handwheel or a one hand lever
BDG-Quick-Opening Closure

were constructed for safe and quick opening and closing of vessels and equipment.

With our Quick-Opening-Closure you can reduce your operating costs considerably.

Our very large range of products and services will readily convince you

Reducing costs
  • No need of special and expensive mechanics and special tools.
  • No sluggish screwed flanges and bolts, especially after extended tool life.
  • Insufficient tightness and the necessity for several retightening operations of screwed flanges belongs to the past.  Flanges with bolts and nuts cause many costs especially if the specifications and VCI rules must be considered and recorded for screwing the bolts min. 4-times with different tightening torques.
  • The expensive documentation for assembly of flange connection is no longer applicable.
  • The BDG Quick-Opening-Closure can be opened and closed in a few minutes by one person and immediate tightness will be ensured.
Geprüfte Sicherheit
  • BDG Quick-Opening Closure devices fully comply with accident prevention regulations as well as the safety provisions of all applicable regulations, e.g. German AD-Merkblätter, EN 13445, ASME-Code.
  • A special safety feature makes the use of a lever, for example, impossible to prevent the coupling being opened under pressure.

Incorrect operations are impossible.

Types of closures

We deliver Quick-Opening-Closures with dimensions of DN 150 up to DN 4000 for vertical or horizontal vessels applicable for operating pressures of up to 800 bar and temperatures of -50°C up to + 350°C.

Depending on your application we are able to supply:

  • Bajonett Closures
  • Clampring Closures
  • Segment Closures

There are tow different possibilities for opening the vessel:

  • hydraulic system
  • handwheel

Each closure can be manufactured with a counter-flange. The benefit of this construction is the possibility to connect the closure to an existing vessel with flange. Therefore mounting of the Quick-Opening Closure is possible within a short maintenance time and on site.

Due to our long-term experience and specific know-how, custom made solutions are possible.


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