WOLF is a family managed company with experience in vessel- and apparatus construction for more than 70 years and is being operated with all advantages of a medium-sized structure.

An extremly low labour turnover rate and experienced long-time employees are the basis of our competent customer service and high product quality.

The focuses of WOLF’s manufacturing are pressure vessels, heat exchangers and columns. At two sites we manufacture components with a diameter up to 5 meters, a maximum one-piece length of 50 meters and a unit weight of 80 tons. Carbon steel, fine grain steel, high temperature steel as well as low and high alloyed steels are used.

Service and quality are emphasized in our company. On request, WOLF supplies all from one source: apparatuses, equipment, logistics. Our pronounced customer focus and the quality of our products are the cornerstone of our success. Our services consists of the following components:

  • detailed design, stress calculation and structural analysis
  • prompt procurement of materials
  • fabrication on schedule
  • professional project management
  • worldwide shipping